Avoid some of the hassles of moving and remodeling by hiring ReDesign Works to manage your projects. We can handle all aspects of a move or renovation.

With us as your representative, we can setup and oversee your move, then interact with any tradesmen or contractors during your building projects. 

​We also handle simple home repairs, often using crafty methods to fix the unfixable. When a repair is beyond our domain, we can schedule and oversee the appropriate vendor for the job. ​​

Speaking the language of construction, we are well prepared to be your representative during a renovation.

From scheduling contractors to completing paperwork for HOA boards, our experience allows us to handle all projects with a clear sense of detail, schedule and budget. 

Contrator Liaison.

Managing Moves.


Personal Assistance.

​We offer extensive experience in creating communications including text documents, invitations, brochures, presentations and websites. Plus, we are available for assignments like holiday decorating, gift wrapping and photo book creation.


When moving home or office, we can help you decide what to bring and what to leave behind. We also assist with selecting a mover, purchasing packing materials and can handle the actual pack-up. In your new space, we can unpack your belongings and arrange them functionally and attractively.