Homes & Offices

Real Estate Staging.


​​​​​​ReDesign Works delivers real estate staging that broadens a property's appeal and speeds its sale at the highest price. We identify the design changes that will most impact a buyer and we provide a game plan to best showcase the listing. And we will implement those changes... on time and on budget. 

Lifestyle Changes.

Our residential clients have included families blending apartments, empty nesters downsizing into smaller spaces and homeowners looking for new, affordable looks. We also have experience in designing and adapting spaces for the physically challenged.

Commercial Spaces.

Traditionally-designed rooms often require an investment in time and pricey new decor. ReDesigned rooms use a client’s existing furnishings in new ways to create a fresh look. Our approach focuses on what can be repositioned and reused. If new furniture is needed, we offer advice, review costs and provide shopping guidance. ​With the ReDesign approach, you could leave your home in the morning and return to a whole new space that afternoon!

ReDesign Works can also schedule and oversee any construction or painting, handle all shopping and deliveries, move existing furniture and re-hang art.

​Businesses use ReDesign Works
​to improve both their efficiency and looks. Projects include creating office layouts, producing construction plans, managing contractors and trades-men,
 decorating interior spaces, and developing systems for organizing materials and digital files.